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Hillsborough River - Magestic Skies by Highwaymen Dynasty Artist Robert Butler (1943-2014)

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From the early 1950s, through the 1980s, a group of 26 African=American artists traveled the state, painting and selling landscapes that depicted the scenic Florida of their time. These artists were self-taught and developed their own styles. They painted in their garages and backyards and on weekends, the artists would get together to travel the state to sell their artwork. They often sold their original paintings for as little as $25 each, setting up displays in the various towns they visited along the highways. The affordable prices made these vibrant paintings very popular and soon their art adorned businesses and homes throughout the state. The group disbanded in the 1980s, but books and documentaries about the artists led to a resurgence of interest in their paintings. Collectors became interested in the artwork and each year the paintings continue to increase in price. In 2004, the 26 original Florida Highwaymen were inducted into the Florida Artists Hall of Fame. Robert Butler Sr. was one of those artists. Robert Butler Sr. was born in Georgia in 1943. The family moved to Okeechobee in 1947. His professional career as an artist began in 1968. Robert Butler Sr. paintings reflect his love of the natural beauty of the Lake Okeechobee area, He painted all of Florida & was the only Highwayman credited with painting every ecosystem of Florida. That is really important & expands the subject of his life & career as an artist. No one knows exactly how many paintings Robert Bulter Sr, created, he was known to paint more than 100 paintings in a year. His son hopes to document his father’s artwork as part of his family’s heritage. 

Portrait of Annie Talifer Butler

Portrait of Annie Talifer Butler

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