"Tuff Guys" by Robert Butler

Robert Butler Art Authentication Preliminary Opinion Service

Before you invest hundreds of dollars in an authentication investigation, consider our Preliminary Opinion service. For $150, it is the most economical approach to get an initial opinion about the authenticity of your artwork.

Within 48 hours of your order, you can learn the main reason(s) we think you should continue or stop researching the authenticity of your artwork.

Send us digital photos of your artwork, along with dimensions and any background information you have, and we will email you our opinion on whether you should pursue additional research on the authenticity of your work of art.

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To order a Preliminary Opinion, send us photos, dimensions and any relevant information of your artwork, then make a payment of $150. You can do both of these steps using the forms below.

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Highwaymen Dynasty Artist Robert Butler (1943-2014)

Certificate of Authenticity

Robert Butler Art Authentication Research Service Offered

Robert Butler Jr draws on its own distinguished past on The Legacy Highwaymen Artists. As a Legacy Highwaymen and heir to a Fine Art Dynasty, the first born of Highwaymen Artist Robert Butler.

Who May Apply

Authentication Research Service is offered to private individuals, art dealers, and other art professionals. Robert Butler Jr will only examine a work for an owner or an agent officially representing the owner.


Preliminary Inquiries

Robert Butler Jr is able to undertake only a limited number of authentication research projects each year. Therefore, we ask applicants to proceed in two stages. At the preliminary inquiry stage, we request a non-refundable deposit, a signed contract and the documentation and information described on our application form. This includes two professional quality 8" x 10" color photographs and a minimum 4" x 6" color transparency, together with all provenance information and any verbal or written opinions — positive or negative — that have previously been expressed about the work. We will retain at least one photograph for our records.

Please note: HDA will rarely accept a work lacking an initial attribution.

Authentication Research

If a work is accepted for research and the signed contract by the owner is in-hand, Robert Butler Jr. will assign a researcher, and identify and consult with the appropriate specialists, whether on HDA Art Advisory Council or elsewhere. Several experts may be - and usually are - consulted on a project. Generally, their names are provided in Robert's report; however, certain experts may wish to remain anonymous, usually because their museum or university affiliation requires that.

At the appropriate time, Robert Butler Jr will ask to examine the work in person.

A “Certificate of Authenticity” will be presented. Authorship will be presented after the completion of the research. In rare instances, the report may not be conclusive.

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Robert Butler Limited Edition Lithograph Embelliish Services

    A lithograph is a printed copy of an original piece of artwork. However, lithographs can be extremely valuable due to the process used in printing them. To create a lithograph, the original artist uses oily pencils and crayons to draw an exact replica of the actual piece of art onto a smooth stone tablet.

   Now, the printing process can begin using oil and water to rub the print onto a sheet of cotton paper. Essentially, a lithograph is still hand-created by the original artist, yet lithography allows the artwork to be mass-produced and become somewhat more affordable. Older lithographs can cost quite a pretty penny, but maintenance is the key. 

Limited Edition Lithografie Embellished Samples


Catalogue Raissoné/Letter of Provenance Application.